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    "The origin of the Nike brand"

    First of all, everyone who wears this brand on their feet or in clothing for sports or for pure fashion should know the origin of the Nike brand.

    Indeed, Nike is one of the world's largest manufacturers of sports shoes, clothing and accessories. It was founded in 1972 in Oregon, Washington. Its name comes from Greek mythology, from the Greek goddess of victory who is called "NIKE". It owns universal shoes for children, and sponsors several athletes and teams around the world under the slogan "Just do it".

    Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight are the two founders of Nike and have always wanted to differentiate themselves from other sports equipment brands, so they will turn to technology to make the difference. During the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, a runner broke records with a Nike Cortez on his feet, which motivated the founders to invest in technology to offer the most efficient shoes in the world.

    “I have always loved exceptional sneakers.”

    I meet after a retrospective review of the sneakers I have worn on my feet that I have always loved exceptional sneakers.

    When I was a child in Martinique, my parents didn't want to pay for sneakers for me, they were too expensive and my father thought that "they were luxury shoes" as he called them.

    I always loved Nike and it was my friends at school that I envied with the latest fashionable Nikes in the playground. It was 1991 and I was 12 years old. When you are a child, you attach a lot of importance to integration and belonging to a social group and Nike symbolized for me this belonging to a group, it was not so much the brand that took precedence for me at the time. , but rather avoid the rejection of others and the mockery which was very heavy and unbearable. I was already experiencing my first frustrations knowing that there was no discussion to be had with my parents who would not change their minds. Should I resign myself and think that these sneakers were not for me, but only for the privileged others who constantly humiliated me? No ! I had to find a solution to achieve my goals.

    “In 92 or 93, I finally got my first sneakers.”

    HAS 13, 14 years old I had big feet, I wore size 41 or 42 or more, I had a good pair of going out shoes which unfortunately were no longer useful to me, and my uncle asked me if I could have them. give him, I took advantage of this opportunity to ask him for a pair of sneakers in return. In 92 or 93, I finally got my first sneakers. I spent a lot of time in the La Redoute catalog dreaming of the moment when I would place my sneaker orders and he finally gave me this opportunity, I asked him for a pair of "Nike quantum force rising black" with the contours of the red swoosh and the Nike force inscription too, the inside of the shoe was red, it was my first pair of Nikes and I was very proud of it, the first in a long series.

    My first pair of Nikes in 92 or 93, I was 13, 14 years old, Nike force Quantum.

    “And with the money I scrounged up here and there , I was able to afford my pair of Nike airs”

    In the same logic of resourcefulness (hustler) as the first time, I was ready to make any sacrifices to have my 2nd pair of Nikes, at that time I must have been 16 years old, I was a high school student and I had to take the bus to go at school, my parents gave me money for the return trip for the week and no more, so I started hitchhiking back and saving money and with the money I I scavenged here and there, I was able to afford my pair of Nike Airs, the Air Max Classic BW with the yellow swoosh, the white sneaker and the dark sky blue fabric. It was something, a very comfortable pair of sneakers with the air bubble that you could feel under the heels for optimal shock absorption.

    My 2nd pair of Nike air max classic BW elegant

    “1st pair of Reeboks in the summer of 95 in France.”

    I have always been Nike from the beginning but I still wore Reeboks in my life, the first time was the summer of 95 I came to France for a summer vacation for the first time, we went to the Saint-Denis market and it was there that he offered me my first pair of Reeboks in the summer of 95 in France, and moreover my first pair of luxury shoes in short, with the argument of size the price, given that in France there were sales during this period, during which you get good deals, with the short of life much cheaper than in the West Indies. So I received my brand new pair of Reebok satellite hexalite 95 in which I was very comfortable with the hexalite option for exceptional cushioning, I was amazed and surprised by Reebok's know-how, all things considered this n It wasn't so bad.

    reebok satellite Hexalite 95 comfortable

    “The 2000s marked me with a type of basketball.”

    When I was a student in Doubs, I certainly had several types of shoes, but the 2000s marked me with a type of basketball: a pair of Nike air max 2000 alpha project Fiducia. In fact, I bought it during the summer of 2000 on sale, it was all white and yellow with the yellow air bubbles clearly visible on the max plus models, which I particularly liked. I took it in 45, but I wore a 46, it made me suffer terribly and I put it on without the soles to feel better in them and to do it. It was my favorite at the moment, but in the long run, I had to resolve to put it down, because I couldn't stand it anymore, afterwards, I kept it in a box for 1 year to spin it to my cousin during the summer of 2002.

    Favorite for its maximum air bubbles, the Nike air max 2000 alpha project fiducia

    “I tried the Adidas adventure”

    In 2003, I was still a scholarship student, the means are generally low and when you have to buy shoes on a low budget sometimes, you are rather thoughtful, so I tried the Adidas adventure, they were Adidas superstar sneakers with light blue bands, I wore them for a while but the rubber that reinforces the sneaker in front hurt my foot, I couldn't make them, so I gave them away. That was the only time I wore adidas on my feet.

    Adidas superstar was manufactured by them in 1969, its toe is made of rubber, it will be nicknamed "shell toes" shell-toes when it is produced in the United States. This is a good retro model for customizations.

    “An exceptional pair of Nike, the Nike Lebron 20-5-5”

    The pair of Nikes that lasted me for ages, was an exceptional pair of Nikes, the Nike Lebron 20-5-5 released on July 1, 2005, it particularly marked me both by its stylish design, its exceptional support of the ankle, only by its solidity, its comfort, and its lightness. I kept it at least for 10 years or more, because in the summer of 2007 I had it on my feet in Martinique for summer vacation, I threw them away during a spring cleaning 2 years ago years in 2020 because they were very damaged, and even if I kept it, I was running out of space.

    An exceptional shoe, the Nike LeBron 20-5-5 Black 20-5-5 is durable and provides optimal ankle support.

    “the unbeatable sneaker model, the Nike air force one”

    The Nike model that I have worn the most until now is the classic Air Force One, timeless, timeless, and unbeatable sneaker model. In fact, I had a total of four pairs of Air Force One between 2003 and 2005, the classic all-white high-top sneaker with the velcro that closes in front, which you never close, because it's very stylish when it is worn open. Then, I opted for a very transparent low model, I put on colored socks so that the pair could be clearly visible in relation to its originality. The 3rd was a pair of black leather and dark blue Nike air force lows with soles that gave light when I walked. The last model that I still have is a pair of purple and yellow Lakers low sneakers in faux crocodile skin. This model is a classic, it is a pure success both in terms of aesthetics and comfort, and strongly competes with the pair of Jordan 1, it is the king of sneakers and it is highly appreciated for the customization that I loved it, for being the only one to wear it.

    Nike air Force one white high top king of trendy and timeless sneakers

    air force one low lakers purple faux croc and yellow one of the surviving vestiges of my collection.

    “In 2012, I had on my feet a hybrid between the Nike Air Force One and the Nike Delta Force Ac premium SI with which I set foot on New York soil.”

    At that time, I was in a sober mood and I let myself be tempted by a pair of all-black Nike air high tops with a completely white sole and stylish black Velcro for ankle support that you never close. . In 2012, I had on my feet a hybrid between the Air Force one and the Nike delta force AC premium SI, with which I had set foot on New York soil. It was closer to the second model, but I loved it at the time and wore it until it wore out as usual. Its scratch was similar to the Nike Vandal High terminator. She was perfectly sober.

    Nike Vandal High Terminator with its stylish velcro

    My simple pair of Nikes looked more like a Nike Delta Force AC Premium Si with air in the soles and the Velcro of the Vandal.

    “My experience with my first Jordans was very brief”

    For my first time, I ordered my sneakers on a website where they were rather cheap with the colors I wanted white with yellow and blue parts in size 47, they arrived and hurt like hell on my feet , I had a US 13 though, that is to say a 47.5 but it was as if I was wearing a 46, I had to buy a fake one or it had to fit small, my experience with my first Jordan was very brief. I had to give away my Jordan 4 retros.

    Nike Air Jordan 4 retro brief experience with these sneakers.

    “One Air Jordan replaced another.”

    So I had fun and to replace the retro Jordan 4 and get rid of my frustration, I set my sights on the "Nike Air Dub Zero" a hybrid even better in terms of design and graphics than the retro 4, it's a pair of streamlined shoes for guys who love fashion and want to stand out from the rest. I optimized it as much as possible until it was completely worn out at the soles, and the front took off, so one Air Jordan replaced another with a rare model. It was white with a blue sole and shiny black at the forefoot.

    Air Jordan Dub Zero officially manufactured from 2005 in the United States.

    “And three in terms of Jordan”

    "Nike Air Jordan Son of Mars" is a pair of sneakers with a perfect design which has a few points in common with the Jordan 4 but which is much better, I was completely satisfied with it and in terms of chronology I'm losing track of it but it's This is the third pair of sneakers that is part of the remains of my collection, and three in terms of Jordans. After the late Air Jordan Dub Zero, I could only look for its worthy successor to be satisfied. So I wore it for years until it was no longer possible, when I look at it today, I think about all the kilometers we shared together. It's an exceptional pair of Jordans, a sort of hybrid of two models.

    nike air jordan son of mars stealth, the Jordan I fell for

    It was officially released on 05-06-2012 apparently, a true hybrid mixing the Air Jordan III, the V, the VI and the XX.

    “I treasured it, considering it the Holy Grail of Air Jordans.”

    Staying on the Jordans, I always preferred the Air Jordan XVIII, among all the models that came out in terms of design and style it is by far the best, I had a lot of trouble getting it in this color in size 47, I decided at the last minute to order it, it was the last one and I almost missed it, because on the German site where I bought it, there was a delivery problem as a result, I never received it, I had to wait for the pair of sneakers to return to their warehouse and for them to put them back online to reorder, that's why I I keep it carefully considering it the holy grail of Air Jordans, and the 2nd pair of Jordans in my collection still present today.

    The holy grail of Air Jordan, Nike Air Jordan 18 retro suede mustard yellow color suede released in France on September 15, 2018.

    The first Jordan XVIII was released in April 2003 in the United States.

    “And 1, 2 unique pairs for exceptional, unrivaled comfort”

    The year 2013 was going to get rotten towards the end, I had several problems to deal with, I suffered a burnout and I got sick afterwards, meaning that I couldn't walk for 6 months, cramps with the plants of the numb feet, during this dark period I saw several things in my daily life differently, such as finding a good pair of sneakers where the comfort on the feet is optimum, I fell for the pair I needed, and 1 , 2 unique pairs for exceptional and unrivaled comfort. This sneaker is exceptional and rare, it is a collaboration between Reebok and Jean-Michel Basquiat, it is the Reebok Pump Omni Lite Court Victory Jean-Michel Basquiat. It is unique both in its urban art graphic design with the creator of graffiti, as the essential painter of this collaboration, and divinely comfortable on my feet. This pair of sneakers may be a wreck today, but they are an integral part of my sneaker collection and I won't be able to part with them, so much so that I have two.

    Reebok Pump Omni Lite Court Victory Jean-Michel Basquiat, the most comfortable of my sneakers

    Jean Michel Basquiat collaborates with the Reebok Pump Omni Lite, the model was released in 2013.

    Reebok Pump Omni Lite Court Victory Jean-Michel Basquiat the silver model with its hexalite sole, very comfortable for my feet, and the Pump system which inflates the tongue to protect against shocks on the ankle joint, marked with Basquiat's crown often visible in his paintings.

    “A pair of Nikes that I already wanted when I was a kid”

    After having made a choice rather of comfort and therefore of reason, and having let myself be carried away by the dark side of the force, I returned to my first loves, I treated myself to a pair of Nikes which I already wanted when I was a kid, it's the Nike Air Raid which looks like the Nike Air Jordan Retro Tinker Air Raid, worn by Spike Lee himself, to advertise, when the model was released. The Nike Air Raid Peace Pack Urban Jungle black with patterns in ethnic African colors symbolized belonging to African-American culture and was stylish for street basketball on the playground, and its double ankle stratch crossed in front with the peace logo , maintains them optimally, suffice to say that I wore them until the end, they held them in place so well that it was almost impossible to sprain and I had the impression of having my legs heavy compared to my health concerns, it cut off my circulation so much. It is an iconic model in my sneaker collection even today.

    Nike Air Raid Peace Pack Urban Jungle dark gray, black, multicolored, fir green its double ankle support makes sprains impossible.

    This retro pair was released in 1992 launched in the "Live Together, Play Together" campaign by Spike Lee, its multicolored peace symbol at the crossing of the stratch evokes a message of unity, the Air Raid Urban Jungle Gym will be reissued in 2014.

    Don't you think this model has a similarity with the Air Jordan 8?

    Nike Air Jordan 8 Retro Tinker Air Raid.

    “The nice rip-off of my collection.”

    Until now, all the sneakers I was aiming for were wallet-friendly, except this one which remains and remains inaccessible as its price is impossible for my wallet, there is always a way or a subterfuge to achieve its goals. fine, so this model trampled on my feet even if it was counterfeited, it's the only pretty rip-off in my collection that I proudly wore until it was totally worn out, even if after an hour, I I had foot pain and blisters (13 US, but fits like 12 US). My black Nike Air Yeezy 2 Solar Red, with its transparent green sole that glows in the dark, was so stylish with my urban slim pants. Maybe one day the original will turn my feet, who knows.

    Nike Air Yeezy 2 Solar Red my version

    It was released on 06-09-2012.

    “Vapormax is something”

    In 2018, I broke the cycle of eternal sneakers even if I admit that it was not to practice this sport, but more out of a passion for sneakers. In 2017 Nike released the ultimate pair of shoes for running, the Nike Air vapormax Flyknit with its endless air bubbles all over the sole. The Vapormax is something, I couldn't resist it for long. I ordered it from the Nike online store and I customized it of course in a light acid yellow with the pink swoosh and the glittery pink air bubbles. The foot is extremely comfortable in it, it adapts to the shape of the foot perfectly with its fine canvas, you have the impression of putting on a sock with a sole under testosterone of air bubbles. In terms of cushioning it is exceptional, the only drawback I see is that the pair of Nikes makes noise when you walk because of the more max air in the soles, so we can hear you coming. It is part of my current basketball collection, today it has holes and the soles are worn.

    The first Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit was launched in 2017 with a revolutionary design that gave the sensation of walking on air.

    “The devilishly cool one”

    Of all the sneakers that I have had on my feet, the one for which I receive daily compliments of all sexes regardless of where I go, are in the image of a great basketball player who plays for the Brooklyn Nets I named Kyrie Irving. His sneakers are ultra top, you have some with different, rather flashy colors sometimes which have eyes everywhere and weird Freemason symbols (the pyramid and the eye like on the $1 bill), even if the guy clearly displays his membership in this group, I don't really care about that, and I saw in his models an artistic fiber with 2 different sneakers from the same pair, and an exaggerated eccentricity and originality which really speaks to me. I don't know if it has to do with the symbols on this sneaker that draw people's attention to what I'm wearing, but I have to admit that my pair of Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid Chinese New Year looks damn cool. I have never seen such a unique and original pair of sneakers whose eccentricity has been taken to the extreme. Its harlequin style pink colors go well with the purple soles of the Kyrie model as well as the other patterns of the sneaker, in terms of comfort for the feet when you have managed to put it on and have it fit your feet, it is pleasant. It's a very good pair of sneakers that I wear often, and it's the most recent piece in my collection, because it's not a retro model. It was released on 01.01.2021, so more than a year ago already.

    Nike Kyrie S2 Hybrid Chinese New Year

    Note that each model of this pair of sneakers is something in terms of color and graphic design to enhance its style with care and aesthetics.

    “The most discreet pair of Nikes I know is undoubtedly the Huarache.”

    With the reissue of retro sneakers I couldn't miss this model, I just wanted a small pair of sneakers to wear every day, so I bought the most discreet pair of Nikes that I know which is undoubtedly the Nike Air Run Huarache. I already wanted it at the time, but I still opted for a rare model in an army green color that is rarely found. What I like about this basketball or tennis model is that it doesn't look like a Nike, there is no visible comma, it's just marked NIKE AIR on the heel of the shoe and that, It's great, it's different from all the others for that. I bought it at the beginning of the year in 13 US even though I don't really like its pointed side on the front which can give me sore feet at the end of the day, but I took it for that for the To wear only for short trips, incidentally, it's my tourist sneaker.

    Born from the boundless imagination of Tinker Hatfield, the Nike Air Huarache reinvented the concept of performance in a streamlined look in early 1991, emphasizing the comfort of the shoe. This great classic will make its return in OG colors adorned with timeless details in 2018.

    Nike Air Huarache Cargo Khaki Cordura produced on 15-11-2021.

    “Patrick Ewing’s must-have retro sneaker that takes us back to the 90s”

    Since the reissue of all the retro sneakers from before, we are going crazy, because they marked my childhood and that of a whole generation like me of children, who have become adults today. The advantage of reissues is being able to get a pair of sneakers that we wanted before, it's a huge opportunity to repair past frustrations, we take our time machine to rush for the items that we wanted Before. In these little games the most winning are the NBA stars of the past who continue to make their money with their shoes. Like Michael Jordan, there was also another star whose sneakers were a hit at the time, and it's Patrick Ewing's essential retro sneaker which takes us back to the 90s, I named " the Ewing 33 HI".

    You can't collect sneakers without adding this awesome pair of pumps. It is massive and heavy on the feet, but you are comfortable in it and the ankles are well supported by the Velcro 33, the design is clean and elegant, they are high-top sneakers, very solid. I think it's a mix between sneakers and boots, I chose it in army green and camouflage pattern, and honey yellow sole, it's killer in terms of customization and it's an integral part of my sneaker collection, purchased in 2022 after the huarache.

    Ewing 33 HI military green camouflage

    For sneaker addicts the first Ewing 33 HI was released between 1985 the year he was drafted by the New York Knicks and 1989 when Patick Ewing became the first basketball player CEO of his basketball brand produced by Ewing Athletics, he therefore signed the 'Ewing 33 Hi.

    “The next pair of sneakers that I really love are the ones that Scottie Pippen wore in 1996”

    A one-of-a-kind pair of sneakers that is one of the masterpieces of sneakers has been reissued for a while. The next pair of sneakers that I really like is the one worn by Scottie Pippen in 1996. Indeed, Nike will launch the Air More Uptempo, designed by Wilson Smith, it displays an imposing and impactful design marked by the famous AIR inscription clearly visible. on the pair of sneakers. It will be highlighted in Pippen's feet during the 1995/96 NBA season who will become his best ambassador. Since then, the Air More Uptempo has been an essential figure in sneakers and I am looking for the extremely rare Nike Air More Uptempo Bruce Lee in 47, yellow with the AIR logo in black and the red air bubbles. This will be my next acquisition if I'm lucky to still stand out from the others.

    Nike Air More Uptempo Bruce Lee

    In my opinion, the Air Jordan remains the most produced and best-selling type of sneaker model in the world for years, as shown in the diagram below:

    You who read the exciting collection of sneakers that I have on my feet as well as the good memories of a life that it brings back to me, I would like you to tell me in turn about the sneakers that you are lucky enough to wear, the ones you love and the stories and anecdotes you have to tell me about these sneakers.

    “The 8 best sneakers in the world according to statistics in 2021”

    Sneakers, initially created for sport, have become essential in our daily lives, because worn by everyone, children and adults, and with the reissue and customization of timeless retro models brought up to date, the imprint of the sneakers is undeniable and anchored in fashion, through the impact of advertisements and digital marketing, via digital tools, social networks, influencers, etc.

    Here is the list of the 8 best sneakers in the world according to statistics in 2021:

    - 8th place, the Classic Leather from Reebok

    - 7th place Adidas Stan Smith

    - 6th place Adidas Superstar

    - 5th place, Converse All Star

    - 4th place, Nike Air Force 1

    - 3rd place, Nike Air Jordan 1

    - 2nd, place, Nike Air Max 90

    - 1st place, Nike Air Max 1

    “The best-selling sneaker in the world is the Nike Tanjun.”

    The pair of sneakers was released in 2015, its Japanese name means "simplicity", it is a very comfortable and stylish shoe and very affordable. The strong points that make it different from the others are its lightness, comfort, versatility and ventilation. These are the reasons why the best-selling sneaker in the world is the Nike Tanjun.

    Nike Tanjun is a global benchmark for running shoes and is the best-selling pair of sneakers in the world. In 2012 Nike created the universally acclaimed Nike Roshe Run sneaker, when the Roshe Two arrived in 2015, it became number 1 until the arrival of the Nike Tanjun which was inspired by it and then dethroned it, since 2015 , she is number 1.

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