• Do you think Beijing is the best country to host the Olympics in 2022?

    As you all know, February 4 began the Winter Olympic Games which last like every year until February 20.

    Those of 2022 are held in China in Beijing.

    According to Organization RSF_fr, in 2018, this was already happening:

    "As we feared, the Beijing Olympics were a period ripe for arrests, convictions, censorship, surveillance and harassment of more than a hundred journalists, bloggers and dissidents. This repression will remain one of the highlights of Beijing 2008. And the International Olympic Committee (IOC) bears a heavy responsibility for this failure."

    At present, the situation has hardly changed, because a Dutch journalist Sjoerd den Daas, in full live television, was forced by a Chinese agent to interrupt him.

    Indeed, the Winter Olympic Games began on Saturday February 4, 2022 in a health context as tense and delicate as this host country where freedom of expression is not permitted, therefore not allowing foreign media to properly report this major event on television on the networks, social media sites and the press.

    The Dutch journalist was abruptly interrupted while relaying information about the opening of the Games for the NOS channel; the agent allegedly forced him out of the frame. The images of this intervention were broadcast live a few minutes later, from a different location causing the channel in question to send a tweet to express a reality that is becoming daily for journalists in China. The journalist has often said and shown how it was very complicated to be a journalist there, because of an ingrained tendency to restrict freedoms, exacerbated even more since Covid-19.

    What has happened to journalism in China since then?

    In November 202, 150 journalists who were members of the Club, foreign correspondents in China, complained at the time of a deterioration in their working conditions, which was characterized by blackmail and expulsions. These barriers have increased as the Games approach, while there are many questions about the management of the health crisis in the country, as well as the environmental impact of the Olympiad or the disappearance of the tennis player. Peng Shuai.

    Apparently, the athletes present were asked not to speak out on the issue of human rights, which could undermine their protection. They are therefore advised not to speak when they compete as long as they are on Chinese territory and it is not expensive for them.

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