• Personalized Women's Teddy jacket for Lindala design created by MJC AND CO

    Monday November 11, 2019,

    Some time ago a friend told us about an acquaintance of his who is dear to him, he was looking for a special gift for her which perfectly corresponds to her passion which is music because she plays gospel,

    this is how we gave him the idea of ​​flocking him a personalized jacket, we asked him what type of design he saw for his friend's jacket what she liked and what color it was preferred, so with the information he gave us we offered him this:

    Women's Teddy jacket in designer cotton created by MJC AND CO flock on the back.

    Creation of the design by MJC AND CO in December 2018

    It is a gospel singer whose face is hidden by her cap, who sings gospel in front of a microphone, at the top right you find star-shaped rhinestones for the star side of the song, on the left of the singer it is marked in pink the name Lindala which corresponds to the stage name of his friend who loves pink, he wanted us to give him a limited edition design surrounded by 2 angel wings to emphasize the exclusive side of this drawing especially for her, at the bottom of the singer you will find on the left 3 hibiscus (which are her favorite flowers) of three different and harmonious colors as well as a hummingbird which comes to gather on them (he told us that she came from the islands her friend hence the little symbolism to represent the islands) and to finish on the right you have in pink the little phrase "the queen of gospel" small dedication to her passion and the star side of gospel.

    Women's Teddy Jacket Front

    Our friend told us that this is exactly the design he imagined for his

    friend who was also very touched and happy with her gift.

    We thank him in passing for the trust he has shown in us for the success of his project.

    Another client who was satisfied with our creative ideas and our enthusiasm to please him.

    So we are becoming more and more aware of people's enthusiasm for wanting personalized items and we realize that this is an opportunity for us to seize.

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