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    The Complete Guide to the Perfect Manicure with the Morovan Professional PolyGel False Nail Kit

    Flawless nails are the perfect finishing touch to complete your look. If you are looking for a durable and aesthetic solution, polygel is the new trend to adopt. In this article, we detail everything you need to know about applying polygel, highlighting the Morovan Complete Professional Gel Resin False Nail Kit for women.

    What is Polygel?

    Polygel is a clever combination of acrylic resin and gel, providing the perfect balance between lightness, durability and a natural look. Unlike traditional false nails, polygel respects the health of your natural nails and can even strengthen them.

    Why choose the Morovan Kit?

    It offers everything you need for a professional-quality manicure at home. It includes professional PolyGel Rose, Morovan Slip Solution, Base coat, Top coat, nail pen, 2 files, cuticle oil pen, 2 tip clips nails, a gel brush, an LED/UV lamp, and 50 nail caps of different sizes.

    Steps to Perfect Pose

    Nail Preparation:

    1. Clean and Disinfect: Start by cleaning your nails and degreasing them with a disinfectant to ensure optimal adhesion.

    2. Cuticle Pushing and Sanding: Gently push back the cuticles and use a 100/180 sanding block to sand the surface of the nail, thus promoting adhesion of the polygel.

    3. Application of Base coat : Apply a thin layer of Base coat to protect the nail and give it more strength.

    Installation of the Polygel:

    1. Choice of Color: Select the polygel color of your choice from the Morovan Kit. Prepare a small ball of polygel for each nail.

    2. Using the Spatula Brush: Apply the polygel directly to the natural nail or to the surface of a capsule using the spatula brush included in the kit.

    3. Dip in the Slip Solution: Dip the brush into the Slip Solution frequently to help shape the polygel. Avoid pressing too hard to avoid a staircase effect.

    4. Curing Under UV Lamp: Catalyze the polygel under the UV lamp included in the kit for at least 30 seconds, adjusting the duration according to the thickness of the layers applied.

    Neat finish:

    1. Filing and Modeling: File the nail to the desired shape after curing. Then apply a layer of Top coat or finishing gel to strengthen the artificial nail.

    2. Decoration and Varnishing: To complete your manicure, do not hesitate to add decorations and varnish according to your preferences.

    Hands-on tutorial with Sanjna Rose here:

    Durability and Maintenance

    Morovan Polygel is renowned for its resistance. Properly applied, it can last up to 21 days without requiring special care. Be sure to follow each step of the process and use quality products for optimal results.

    In summary, with the Morovan Complete Professional Gel Resin False Nail Kit , achieve salon - quality results in the comfort of your home. Give your nails a natural appearance , pleasant lightness , and exceptional durability . Adopt the polygel trend and sport perfect nails with ease .

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